Ingrown Nails

Ingrown Nail Treatment with Local Anaesthetic

An ingrowing toenail is a very painful condition which can be caused by an injury, incorrect cutting of the toenail or even family genes. If left untreated the toe can become inflamed, infected and require ongoing courses of antibiotics.

Depending on the condition of the toenail it can be removed partially with the use of a local anaesthetic injected into the toe which Paul Sharples a Podiatrist in Dunfermline, fife is fully qualified to administer.

£38.00 - Without Local Anaesthetic

£45.00 With Local Anaesthetic

Ingrown Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is the removal of either part or all of a nail under local anaesthetic. It is a quick and effective long term solution to many painful nail conditions. You no longer need to endure painful in-growing or thickened and disfigured toe nails.

Included in price:

  • Local Anaesthetic to fully numb the toe
  • Phenolisation to stop the nail growing back as decided during initial asssessment
  • Post operative check-up appointments
  • Information to G.P.
  • 24 hour telephone contact


Initial Assessment

Prior to booking a surgical procedure, you will need to attend a New Patient appointment if you are new to the clinic, otherwise it would be a routine appointment. you will be assessed for the need for toenail surgery. If it is you will be asked to provide a full medical history, be assessed for suitability for local anaesthetic use and sign a consent form for the procedure which will be booked as soon as possible, usually within a week.

Surgery Appointment

Nail surgery is a minor surgical procedure to remove all or part of your toenail. It is usually required when an in-growing toenail is frequently recurring. The surgery is relatively simple and is often a permanent solution to the problem. A local anaesthetic is injected into your toe and this makes the toe numb, blocking all pain sensation during the procedure. When your toe is numb a band is placed at the base of the toe to help reduce bleeding. Part of / or the whole nail is then removed. To prevent unwanted re-growth of the nail, a chemical is applied. The whole procedure generally takes an hour. After the surgery, you will need to keep your foot elevated for a few hours and rest. You can return to work or school the following day. It is advised that you refrain from sports and running for at least two weeks. Healing time varies depending on your age and general health, but it is generally 4 to 12 weeks.

Follow-up Appointments

You will be booked back in two days to review your progress and re-dress the toe. At this stage, I will provide you with a pack to re-dress the toe yourself along with full instructions on how to do this and care for your toe post-surgery. I will then see you one final time around 5-7 days later for a further check to ensure that the toe is healing as expected if you require any antibiotics over the period I can liaise with your GP directly to arrange this for you.

Appointments will be available in June at the Keavil House Health Spa, Crossford, Fife!

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