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When should I see a Podiatrist or Chiropodist?

Many people don’t know when to visit a Podiatrist or Chiropodist, and I have noticed that many of my patients have waited longer than they need to before they come in to see me. Any type of foot pain or heel pain is not normal, and you should see a Podiatrist as soon as possible. 

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Foot Pain Dunfermline - Caused by footwear?

Did you know foot pain can be caused by your footwear? 

Get yourself booked in for a foot, ankle and footwear assessment to check out if your footwear could be causing your foot pain! 

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Why is a Annual Diabetic Foot Assessment necessary?

Systemic diseases affect the whole body and involve one or more body system. Consequently, these types of diseases can have detrimental effects on patient’s health, quality of life and can increase the chance of cardiovascular disease and kidney failure (Venkataraman et al. 2013, Wright 2013). There are numerous systemic pathologies that can cause local neurological and vascular problems within the lower limbs, one of these being diabetes mellitus (DM). It has been documented that poorly controlled diabetes mellitus (i.e hyperglycemia) in conjunction with Peripheral Neuropathy and Peripheral Arterial Disease can lead to an increased risk of foot ulceration, infection and amputation (Aston 2013). which explains in a nutshell why assessing the foot is essential! 

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