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What is the benefit of a Medical Pedicure?

Medical Pedicure

Many men and women, from office-based jobs, building workers, athlete’s, dancers and more are discovering that having a regular pedicure is an outstanding way to unwind and regenerate painful and tired feet. What about you?

Do you enjoy sport’s, take regular walks or just spend most of your day on your feet at work or in the home, you would benefit from a medical pedicure. Medical pedicures are also great for men and women who have trouble cutting their own nails or find it difficult to care for their feet. 

A Medical Pedicure it is performed by an HCPC registered podiatrist and is entirely different from a salon pedicure. In the first instance, you will have a complete foot, nail and skin analysis which includes advice on how to maintain between appointments. The most common findings are rough skin on the heels, corns, ingrown nails or thick and hard nails.

A scalpel is used to efficiently remove any hard skin and corns and your nails will be shaped and re-hydrated. Then a foot cream will be massaged into your skin that will aid skin cell regeneration and dermal hydration, keeping feet supple and improving skin texture. By the time the treatment is finished, the skin on your feet will feel pain-free and your feet will be left soft revitalised and glowing.

A medical pedicure combined with a foot massage can increase blood flow, decrease pain, and make your feet feel revitalised. Eliminating areas of pain and hard skin can reduce areas of pressure while correctly cutting nails can prevent ingrown toenails.

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