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To begin to understand how Diabetes Mellitus (DM) affects our feet you need to have an understanding of what happens in general within the body. 

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a growing epidemic and one of the most challenging economical difficulties for the UK. It was reported that 268, 154 people were diagnosed with diabetes on local registers in Scotland by the end of 2013, with approximately 65% of the population over the age of 65, with DM related complications (DIABETES IN SCOTLAND 2013). More recently it has been noted that the amount of people being diagnosed with diabetes is again on the rise and will have a notable impact on the NHS.

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Why is a Annual Diabetic Foot Assessment necessary?

Systemic diseases affect the whole body and involve one or more body system. Consequently, these types of diseases can have detrimental effects on patient’s health, quality of life and can increase the chance of cardiovascular disease and kidney failure (Venkataraman et al. 2013, Wright 2013). There are numerous systemic pathologies that can cause local neurological and vascular problems within the lower limbs, one of these being diabetes mellitus (DM). It has been documented that poorly controlled diabetes mellitus (i.e hyperglycemia) in conjunction with Peripheral Neuropathy and Peripheral Arterial Disease can lead to an increased risk of foot ulceration, infection and amputation (Aston 2013). which explains in a nutshell why assessing the foot is essential! 

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