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Clinic Back open - COVID19 update


Great news! The clinic is now fully open for business. I am now able to treat any foot or ankle problem, painful or not so get in touch if you require treatment - 07583 279 101 or email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The clinic is running from the Keavil Health Club in Crossford, as the main club is closed it is only my clinic that is open which is perfect for physical and social distancing from others.

During each appointment I will be adhering strictly to my governing bodies guidance, to ensure patient safety and to make sure you feel safe and comfortable. Here are some of the things I have set up to make sure it’s a safe, comfortable and relaxing experience:

Face masks and hand sanitising

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Verruca Needling Treatment Now Available!

Verruca needling is an innovative and successful treatment for verruca, which are non-threatening types of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) group. During the treatment, the verruca tissue is broken down to create a controlled inflammatory response which encourages the body’s immune system to identify the virus and destroy it.

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What is the benefit of a Medical Pedicure?

Many men and women, from office-based jobs, building workers, athlete’s, dancers and more are discovering that having a regular pedicure is an outstanding way to unwind and regenerate painful and tired feet. What about you?

Do you enjoy sport’s, take regular walks or just spend most of your day on your feet at work or in the home, you would benefit from a medical pedicure. Medical pedicures are also great for men and women who have trouble cutting their own nails or find it difficult to care for their feet. 

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