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Paul Sharples is a Podiatrist and Chiropodist in Dunfermline, Fife.  He has established a friendly and approachable private Podiatry & Chiropody business that specialises in the reduction of foot pain, excellent customer service and of course complete professionalism. The clinics are located at:

The Picture of Health Club & Spa, Keavil House Hotel in Crossford, Dunfermline Fife.

I believe that foot pain is not just about the feet, it involves the knees, hips and the 'whole' body. Therefore, I like to use a holistic approach during each treatment taking into account medical history, lifestyle and footwear. I am very much of the view that an all-inclusive approach to care is needed and want you to be involved in the individual care plans that will be created.

Paul also treats hard skin, corns, fungal nails and ingrown nails that are painful and will give you advice on how to reduce the occurrence and to eliminate the pain. 

No matter what type of question you may have please ask and I will take that extra time to answer them (please also message me if you have any initial questions).

One of the parts of being a podiatrist that I enjoy the most is watching someone who walked in with severe pain walking out pain-free with a smile from ear to ear!

The ethos of Paul Sharples Podiatry is to relax, unwind and enjoy getting your foot pain reduced and eliminated.







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What to Expect from a Podiatrist

During each appointment, I provide preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of problems affecting the feet, ankle and lower legs. I also work as a Chiropodist (old school version of a Podiatrist) doing all sorts of chiropody treatments such as reducing hard skin and corns, nail cutting, ingrown nails, fungal nails and nail surgery. In addition, I treat all aspects of foot pain including plantar fasciitis, forefoot pain such as Morton's neuroma, heel pain and lower leg and hip pain. In addition to treating and reducing these elements, I will investigate why or if there is a biomechanical reason that you are getting the pain, hard skin and corns and look for solutions (footwear, orthotics).

By treating the whole body holistically, I will involve your medical history and lifestyle and include how your whole body performs in relation to the feet and lower limbs. This will enable me to gain a better insight into how the foot pain/heel pain/forefoot pain is occurring. Your medical history is important for me to know as major health disorders such as diabetes and arthritis can cause problems to occur within your feet and lower limb (E.g. cuts and breaks in the skin and structural differences can cause discomfort and increased pain).

I can work with you to help prevent and reduce any foot pain and will help you stop the foot pain from happening. In doing this I can provide preventative care and advice on improving mobility, independence and quality of life. From these assessments, I can prescribe you a variety of 'off the shelf' foot orthotics (shoe - insoles) and deflective foot and toe devices.

Keeping on top of training and further education is very important to me and I am always doing courses that can extend my skills and increase my knowledge in areas of podiatry that I enjoy. Some of the new techniques that I am involved in this year are:

  • Ankle mobilisation techniques on the foot and ankle (which should be particularly helpful to people suffering from arthritis)
  • Acupuncture
  • Biomechanics of foot pain and knee pain

To keep up-to-date with Paul the Dunfermline Podiatrist you can follow him on Facebook, Twitter or on his blog:

Paul Sharples, Private Podiatrist

Appointments are now available at the Keavil House Health Spa, Crossford, Fife! 

Please get In touch to book an appointment and to discuss how it will work in regards to COVID-19

Mobile Chiropodist and Podiatrist. Home Visits available in Dunfermline, Fife